An artist predominantly focused on children’s picture books and editorial, I engage audiences with atmosphere and dynamic compositions. Projects addressing important subjects like depression, kindness, morality positively communicate with children to enable empathy and understanding of the world.


I look for my  visual language to both educate and stimulate fresh dialogue. My research reveals how children are more perceptive than adults to the metaphorical meanings of visual shapes, colours and placements.  I purposefully conceal objects, characters and narratives to entice their participation and exploration of each illustration.  


Location illustrations provide snapshots of culture and place both real and imagined. These immersive landscapes and vibrant urban spaces effectively inspire curiosity and playfulness in adults. My loosely painted characters and their intriguing and sometimes humorous actions add life to the illustrated environments and texts.


I use tonal contrasts, loose hand-drawn and painted or textural assets to combine highly detailed areas with space that allows the eye and mind to rest. 


Although challenged by a wide of range of briefs, my methodology involves an in-depth analysis followed by distillation of elements and ideas. Deceptively pared down, the resulting imagery is layered with cultural and social stories. 

Illustration BA (Hons) - Upper Second Class, University of Worcester, 2018


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3x3 Magazine of Illustration Annual No.17 (2020) - Merit 

Templar Design and Illustration Awards 2020 - Longlisted