Rubix X ODI - Aztech Collaboration

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

I have teamed up with Rubix Events to create a range of clothing designs based upon one of their events -AZTECH. For each illustration I spent a long time listening to youtube videos on Aztec history and researching patterns and their visual language. How they presented themselves, their communication and religion. I then developed three illustrations.

I wanted the style to be in tune with both traditional Aztec artwork but also seamlessly fit into the modern day techno scene. I made sure I included lots of graphic colours and linework with bold patterns and interlinking elements throughout.

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1. This first design originated from the idea of an Aztec calendar whilst the spherical design resembles traditional vinyl records. Animals were important in Aztec religion and everyday life. I had to make sure I included animals they saw at the time. Eagles and snakes were particularly prominent in storytelling which is why they feature in two of the designs.

I drew the design in pen and then converted it to a digital format.

Colour layers were added and played around with, using transparent layers to create depth of colour within the image.

2. For the Second design I focused more on the DJing aspect of the project. I wanted to create a character that was in the moment. I chose this totem like composition to again throw it back to the Aztec civilisation and look at war paint and traditional clothing, using feathers and jewellery seemed appropriate. The process was the same as the first design: Pencil sketches > ink > digital > layers.

For this design I felt it needed a background to give the image a little more context and liveliness so I added a repeating pattern behind the character.

Combined they give an almost sunset feel to the image - soon to be deep in music.

3. For the third design I wanted to go a little more grand. I liked the background of the second and felt it could be used to great effect to add grandeur. The third topic I looked at was the architecture. The Aztecs created vast cities and monuments to attest to the size and nature of their huge, although often chaotic societies. This was the result.

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