Progress since January - Part 4

After the editorial based projects I began to get back into making work I wanted to to help develop my visual language. I had just been snowboarding and this had given me a new wave of inspiration. I began to make textures again to be directly inputed into my work. I also wanted to develop the integration of characters as seen in the NHS Waiting times illustration. I devised this composition.

I think this was another turning point for my work. There is a real sense of the cold brisk mountain and the reflective snow. The characters work well and the shadows add a believable integration. I also think the diagonal composition with the chair life creating a cross reads really well and defines the two planes of the slope and chair life. The characters all seem very individual.

After this I saw Max Parrots story. He is a professional snowboarder with an inspiring story. This made me want to create something so I made this X games scene. Max is shown at several stages of the jump and i have tried to emphasise a cold challenging environment.

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