Progress since January - Part 2

Next I began to explore editorial illustration. I looked at Ellie Foreman-Peck ( and Mark Smith ( to analyse there way of image making for an editorial projects. I felt my work sat in between Ellie's scratchy well drawn charcoal and pencil portraits and Marks more vectorised style. After further reflection I think these images are not so strong. I was trying to force meaning onto a visual language that was still not defined quite enough for the topic. The concepts are there but they could have been produced better in my current way of working (as seen on the newest images on my website). I think if I were to revisit them now they would be much stronger.

Trumps Impeachment:

NHS Waiting Times:

Illustrating the feeling of being overwhelmed:

This image was made a while back for an editorial brief and I still like it, the sense of place is much more refined and the feeling of being trapped in a ghostly environment. The subject was elderly people not getting referred properly for mental health issues.

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