Progress since Jan -Part 5

I made some illustrations based on a story about a beach hut. The first was describing the scene as golden yellow. I decided to take this brief quite abstractly creating an illustration with limited colour palette to create a warm and summery atmosphere for the characters to be in. This image is the first image where I have done characters with details which I am happy with. The Grandpa has fitted really well into the scene using blocks of texture and overlays whilst minimising the linework used to just the facial features and a small bit of shading. The characters describe the perspective. I think this image encapsulates a warm summer on the beach.

The second illustration from the same story is a scene in the water. It describes the characters paddling however I decided to go for a perspective from under the water showing. I wanted to experiment to see how I could get all the characters in with the arching composition. I made anything above water into linework to show the loss of some of the visuals that would happen from this point of view which I think works clearly. For the bulk of the image I took a similar approach to the first in terms of making an abstract pattern from blues, greens and whites to gain the sense fo place looking up at the water with light refracting through.