Penguin Student Design Award

I entered two book covers into the penguin Student Design Award this year.

The first was in the Adult Fiction category for 'The Night Manager' by John le Carré. The story is of a secret agent who is undercover as a hotel manager but in reality is trying to take down a major international arms dealer. The cover features a hotel reception bell combined with a grenade. I made this using mixed media digital collage trying to make it shiny and almost garish to represent a fancy hotel and all the extra trimmings they seem to have all over the place.

The second was in the Children's Fiction category for 'Goodnight Mister Tom' by Michelle Magorian. This book is se in wartime about a child who moves to the country away from an abusive mother to the cottage of an introverted old man who helps bring the best out of Tom. There are some darker elements to this story so, even though it is a children's book, I wanted the cover to express the good and bad of the situation but not be too obvious or distressing. To achieve this I made two houses that looked like the old man and Tom and then an abstract, looming, monstrous industrial city behind to represent the mother. I made this in a similar way. I have an idea roughly sketched out and then I like to develop the work as I make it. Trying out different elements to see what works.