Our Planet - Batsford Prize

The brief for the Batsford Prize was 'Our Planet'. I interpreted this as growth and how industry and many other human related topics are growing without any kind of sensible limit or plan to limit the damage being done. Unfortunately the competition has now been postponed until next year due to COVID-19. But this is how I made it:

This illustration was a breakthrough moment for me. I created the work in a new way. I used ink rollers, as I had before to create textures, to create a highly contrasted structure that I then simply edited and added elements to give it a more recognisable form. The illustration is of an excessive factory that keeps rising up into the atmosphere as a metaphor for not knowing when or if it will be controlled. After discussing with Sam Boughton about this piece she pointed out I should take it much further and apply the hands on nature and more interesting colours and contrast of tis image into my future work which I have now done and dit has had such a dramatic improvement in the short time since as I hope you will see in future posts.

The shape of the work was also another fun element to play with, making it long and tall so that if printed large you would literally have to move your head to see from bottom to top which would be the intended printing method to make the work more dramatic.