Nice Hat - Linocut Print.

Here we have a recent illustration I made using my preferred linocut technique. From a dodgy sketchbook page to a full colour image. I have been playing around with portraiture within linocut and I feel like it adds a different atmosphere, due to the intense contrast with defining shapes and shading.

I am really enjoying using the pros and cons of linocut to my advantage, illustrating both relatively complex subject matter in a simplified almost graphic manor. I have a tendency to overcomplicate so bringing it back to more basic colours is working well to improve my discipline in that area

I have also been looking into making actual sellable prints. For an image with this many colour I would need to screen print or digitally print it. However I will not have that capability till late September. By then I hope so have several illustrations ready to be printed, added to the store and then sold to the lovely general public.

Let me know if theres something you'd love to see illustrated as a print!

- Ollie

Note: I am also looking forward to my floor not being my print studio.

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