New Way of Making Portraits

Along with my environment creation I have had a big breakthrough with the way I make portraits. I have developed a semi realistic style that I can manipulate to have any kind of scene intertwining with the person I am drawing. I am really happy with these and I will continue to develop and make the process easy for myself (I am already a few hours quicker than with the first now I am used to the technique).

My process goes I will draw a composition and look at the person to see what elements I can include whether they be obvious like a microphone and then decide the form and expression of the person. I then cut out shapes digitally and draw any dimples or wrinkle shapes in pencil to overlay. The method is very fluid an dI use whatever medium or texture fits the part of the illustration. These illustrations basically use the same high contrast and colour texture making as my environments but translated to clothes, hair and skin. This creates incredibly immersive and vibrant portraits.

So far I have made them of: Brian Johnson (AC/DC), Marion Haerty (Snowboard freeride world champ), Joe Rogan (Podcast presenter, comedian and UFC Commentator) and myself.

I intend to keep making them and developing the work as well as making more imagined characters in this way to diversify the style.