My Third Marrakesh Illustration

The souks were an incredible source of inspiration for this series so I have made another but this time with lamps, pots and other trinkets.

This image was compiled the same way as the other two with lots of hand made parts and sweeping textures. For this image though I wanted it to reflect the intricacy and the variety of objects that I saw on my trip, every lamp and bowl were different. This lead to a visual spectacle of overlapping and crammed souks that meant you didn't know where to look!

These were some of the assets used:

Along with lots of painted textures with high contrasted values of colour.

I found many parts of this to be extremely successful. I think the image blends very well together considering all the different media and tricks used and this is a good example of how I want my work to look going forward. I also really love the tables at the bottom right, the textures and shadows give a nice sense of place and the space that they are in. The pots to the left of the door give a similar sense of space within the image.