My Second Finished Marrakesh Illustration

The food stalls in Marrakesh were something to behold, slight lack of hygiene with people dunking their hands into bags of fruits and nuts, but the smells and the vibrance were captivating. I have tried to capture the energy of the place in this image with food sprawling and vibrant colours throughout the image. The rugs hug up at the back have been dropped back to blend with the walls of the souk so that the character pops out. I think these little details add lots of layers tot he work keeping the eye entertained.

To make it I used lots of drawn elements fro example all of the food was drawn in pencil and everything was painted or handmade and overlaid as seen here:

The base layers were all textures to continue creating interest in open spaces within the image:

I think the end result shows the vibrance, variety and hectic nature of the place however I would include more open space and less action points if I were to redesign the image. Overall I think it makes a good second addition to the series.