So I have finally started my Moroccan series. I went to Morocco in April to climb Mt. Toubkal. During our trip we stayed I Marrakesh and along the way I did some drawing. I am now enhancing these sketches to finalised artwork. I started with a mash up of a drawing I did in Marrakesh as well as a sketch of Millie whilst walking up the mountain.

I decided to slightly edit the first drawing to create something inspired rather than true to life which I feel has character but 'i may revert back to following the original sketches more to represent the location more accurately, whilst using the visual language to define the atmosphere and the ever so important character!

As you can see this second drawing is much more true to life, with a few added elements to give the image more balance and real life form. The layers were simple but fun and I see myself continuing this style and developing it much further in time.

Thanks for reading,