Marrakesh Series - Part 1

I went to Morrocco to climb mount Toubkal for a week and stayed in Marrakesh for a day either side in 2019. Ever since I have wanted to make a series based on what I saw and the vibrant nature and busting atmosphere of the city. This is the first image of that series.

I had two attempts at this. The first I made before the image I entered into the Batsford Prize as seen in this post: Batsford Prize- Our Planet . This is a side by side comparison of the two:

First attempt: Second attempt:

The second attempt is better in every way.

  • The characters are integrated better.

  • the wall is much more interesting visually in terms of colour and texture.

  • The composition is less 'realistic' as the windows may not in reality be in those position, but they draw the eye around the image much more successfully.

  • the draw elements are more limited and add a nicer contrast to the blocks of texture and colour.

  • The rug looks like it could be a real design and the colours pop against the background

  • The image as a whole feels more alive

This all came rom making every aspect but hand bespoke for the image whereas the first attempt were all pre-made textures in a texture bank I had collected from previous work and texture making sessions.

Here are a few of the elements that went into the second image.