Maria Midttunn Workshops - AUB

Three quick workshops over 2 days.

1. Composition

  • Changing the perspective of an already made composition

  • Considering the framing an already made images

  • We then looked at alternative ways to frame an instead of normal A paper sizes.


  • Looking at the form of the words and ways of making them more interesting using various mark making.

  • Then looked at framing the words in relevant shapes, relevant to the text used.

  • We then crated a composition using techniques from both workshops.

3.Narrative Collage

  • After a short presentation of Marias work (Link below), we devised a story to create purely in the medium of collage, creating colours and textures on paper to use for specific aspects. My story was derived from a piece of text in the book Sapiens which described lawyers as modern day sorcerers.

  • Using pure handmade collage was difficult but made me think about the most important areas of the image.

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