Lighthouse/Journeys End

I have been quite quiet recently, but i'm back with a post about how I made one of my most successful pieces to date:

This I feel has been my most successful artwork for a long time. This was again followed on from the Sam Boughton workshop, continuing to create locations and scene with as much atmosphere and believability as possible.

One reason for this is because I created textures specifically for the jobs at hand, rather than pinching textures an colours from a pre-made archive of work. Not only this, but I have been enjoying making this work, creating textures and playing with colours, something that cannot be achieved in the same way on a screen.

Example textures:

Here is the finished piece, I think the image has a great sense of a wild and crazy ocean. The eye is drawn around the page nicely with the bright lighthouse and then its light focusing the viewers gaze.

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