I have been a little quiet but I have been busy!

This has been a strange time. With all that is happening I have been reluctant to post anything as I have been feeling as though my stuff isn't as important as everything going on right now with BLM. I have been reading and watching and learning making sure I am better equipped to fight for what I believe is right.

To do that though I need to fund my own life, jobs are hard to come by in a pandemic so, after having a few requests for print recently I have finally managed to get a store up to try and earn some pocket money! It only has a few options at the moment but the better it goes the more I can add! If you or someone you know is looking for art prints the place to be is

Anything that isn't on there can be made into a print, you'll just have to let me know which one it is. I am open for commissions too and there is a portrait commission section on the store!

All purchases are greatly appreciated and I do intend to introduce some profit donations to charity once it is up and running and I can afford to do so.

To make this post more interesting, these are the current options on the store, but feel fee to let me know if there is something else that has caught your eye.There is a digital signature rather than my logo which is for watermarking purposes.