Character Portraits

I wanted to take the portraits I have been doing and go a little more abstract and imaginative with them. I first came up with a lumberjack, lots of iconic symbolism like the shirt and a big beard, a hat and being in the woods. I wanted to exaggerate these elements with a fun composition. I thought a big space full of texture would be a good idea so that then the detail and action in the face is the focal point of the illustration.

This was the initial sketch:

I used textures like this for the beard and took others from my bank of textures fo the skin and clothes.

The final outcome:

I like the character and the definition of the facial features like the huge nose and ear in contrast to the smaller eyes.

The second character I made was a Mystic woman. I wanted it to be mysterious but use similar compositional elements and extra details to enhance the character. I think it is a very nice image however the face is too real and I need to break out and become more fluid and illustrative with the work I create. I do like the patterns and extra details like the head jewellery and the hairstyle.

It was a similar process of layering and finding out what works as I went through the image trying out textures and line as needed.